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Meet the Board




Ilda leads His Table by the Sea with equal parts heart and smarts. She worked for Abbott Laboratories for 32 years and fulfilled the unique role of Business Excellence Analyst the last 15 years. Her experience is invaluable to running a nonprofit as her mind excels in logistics and efficiency and her Mexican/American dual citizenship gives her understanding of both cultures. Ilda retired to Baja in January 2022 and has committed to His Table by the Sea full-time. She sees this opportunity as the fulfillment of a dream God placed in her heart since a young age to be able to give back to those in need in Mexico. Her involvement volunteering at City of Children since 2008 has allowed her to form many relationships in Ensenada, and she is passionate about helping the young women she has watched grow up continue on a path to success.




Pilar is our expert at leading a Mexican nonprofit as she has worked with Baja Missions for over 25 years. Managing the administration for 18 churches and 3 medical clinics throughout the Baja, she is extremely equipped to guide His Table by the Sea as Treasurer. Pilar grew up at a children’s home and understands the need the young women have for a support system especially at a transitional age. She feels very blessed to have had wonderful examples of love from Stan and Carole Stout and is constantly finding ways to serve those around her.




Laura has her undergraduate degree in Communications and master's degree in Christian Ministry. Originally from Tennessee, she loves Baja and  worked with Baja Missions in Ensenada for over 8 years. She is passionate about helping under-supported teens have the resources they need to be able to achieve their dreams. 



Director of Fundraising

Melanie has been involved with mission work since childhood. Her passion and purpose continue to be fueled by serving others and helping them to see who they are through the eyes of God. Melanie's parents, Stan and Carole Stout, served as the directors for The City of Children orphanage in Ensenada, Mexico for 25 years. Melanie has experienced first-hand what God can do when you commit yourself to a lifetime of service. She is very familiar with life in Baja as she has been taking groups to Mexico for the past 30 years. Melanie's vision is to expand on what her parents started and is thankful to have this Godly vision as the driving force in her life. Melanie is our energetic cheerleader, and she is always challenging His Table by the Sea to dream big.



Board Member

Lorette brings the most life and travel experience of us all. She has a deep love for the Lord and His Word. She has a special heart for the vulnerable as she adopted her twin sons. She brings both for-profit and non-profit knowledge to His Table as she currently leads both and has served on numerous boards. 


Since coming to Baja for the first time in 2015, she has visited numerous times a year from Tennessee. She enjoys serving with Baja Missions optical clinics where they provide free glasses to many communities. She said, “I love helping others and feel that's what God has called me to do, which was the initial reason to come to Baja. Helping the people of Baja being fitted with glasses and finding better ways of accomplishing it has been the most recent goal. This is very rewarding to see the expressions on people's faces when they can see things they couldn't see before.”

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